Kim Jong Un's Gay BFF.

Thanks for the picture, Claire Mulaney!

Thanks for the picture, Claire Mulaney!

You guys: a couple of weeks ago, the Paper Machete invited me on to talk about Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea with Vice Magazine. And while I didn't have a ton of personal inside knowledge about the whole thing,  Kim Jong Un's BFF, Kim Joon Min, definitely did.

You can check out out the debut performance here.

It went pretty well and last weekend, Kim Joon Min (which happens to be my actual, real, Korean full name, Bee-tee-dubs), was invited back to give yet another talk on the situation in North Korea. Here's how it went down:

Look for Kim Joon Min's commentary at the Paper Machete the next time North Korea pops up in the news. I'm sure it'll be both illuminating and totally relevant.